May 21, 2024


Dili, 22/04/2024: The National Directorate of Science and Technology (NDST), of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Culture, continues to conduct the third phase of training on the Use of the Higher Education Database System in Timor-Leste, for four (4) higher education institutions: ICS, JSI, UNITAL, and UNDIL, in the INCT room, in Balide, Dili.

The overall objective of this activity is to simplify and optimize administrative and academic management, including centralizing data for all higher education institutions in the national territory of Timor-Leste, thus ensuring the credibility, efficiency, and effectiveness of this data.

The NDST, as a division existing within the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Culture, according to Decree-Law No. 56/2023, of September 6, Article 16, has the competence to carry out the Systematization and standardization of operational procedures and internal control of the Ministry, especially for the systematization and unification of all Higher Education data, related to the number of degrees, students, and professors.

Previously, in the previous phase, the NDST had already conducted similar training for six (6) higher education institutions, and in this continued phase, it is being conducted for four (4) institutions, such as ICS, JSI, UNITAL, and UNDIL.

This training activity was officially opened by the Director-General of Higher Education and Science, Mrs. Maria Filomena Lay Guterres, and was attended by academic and technical representatives from the Ministry itself.

The trainers for this activity are the developers of the Higher Education Database System themselves, and according to the activity plan, it will take place over five days, starting on Monday, April 22, and ending on Friday, April 26, 2024, at the same location.