May 21, 2024
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Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa’e

“Sapientia et Veritas”


  1. UNTL is a legal entity governed by public law and enjoys statutory, scientific, pedagogical, administrative, financial, disciplinary and patrimonial autonomy, without prejudice to the supervisory action of the State, under the terms of these statutes and the law.

  2. UNTL also has the regulatory power to develop provisions of these statutes and to approve internal regulations.

  3. For the pursuit of its purposes, UNTL may enter into agreements, protocols, contracts and other agreements with public or private, national, foreign or international institutions, in accordance with its capacity with regard to charges and financial commitments.

Mission and Vision


As a public Higher Education Institution, UNTL is committed to:

  1. Train and graduate its students with high intellectual level, predisposed to research and scientific pursuit;

  2. Provide the trainees with human values that are fruitful to the national conscience, endowing them with a sense of service in favor of the well-being and prosperity of their fellow citizens;

  3. Promote understanding, harmony and solidarity between cultures and peoples.


  1. UNTL is a center for the creation, dissemination and promotion of culture, science and technology, linking study and research, in order to enhance human development, as a strategic factor for the country’s sustainable development.

  2. UNTL pursues, among others, the following purposes:

    • To promote excellent teaching through competitive academic programs at national and international level;

    • To foster the preservation, development and articulation of Timorese identity and values by promoting its history, culture and languages;

    • To foster research activities aimed at contributing, in a creative manner, to the country’s development;

    • To promote a broad base of inter-institutional participation, aimed at the integration of different scientific cultures, with a view to creating innovative synergies for teaching and research;

    • To provide quality, diversified services to the community, capable of making a relevant contribution to social development and to the qualification of human resources;

    • To contribute to the development of international cooperation and to bring peoples closer, namely in the fields of education and knowledge, science and technology.

Organizational chart

For more information, visit: “Website UNTL”