June 19, 2024

Seminar of Management and protection of personal Information

Minister of Higher Education, Science and Culture, through the National Director Planning, Partnership and Statistic (DNPPE), conducted a seminar with the theme :“Management and Protection of Personal Information”, held in Hotel Timor Dili. The purpose of this seminar was to disseminate and share the information about, the importance of management and protection of personal information in a database collected by relevant institutions.

The speakers for this seminar composted by relevant entities such as TIC Timor I.P, INCT, PCIC, DGE-Ministry of Finance and Ex-Minister of Higher Education of Cabo Verde. The seminar respectively moderated by principal adviser of MESCC, Mr. Rui Manuel Hanjam and Mr. Edelmiro Cunha, Legal adviser of MESCC.

This one day Seminar officially opened by Mr.Hernâni Viterbo  da Costa Soares, represented Minister of Higher Education, Science and Culture and participated also by representative from Higher Education Institutions, staff of MESCC and other relevant entities.