Junho 19, 2024

Direção-Geral de Administração E Finanças


The Organic Law of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Culture, approved by Decree-Law No. 2/2019 of 5 March, provides, in Article 34, that “the organic-functional structure of the MESCC is approved by ministerial diploma of the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Culture”.

This degree aims to implement the provisions of this Decree-Law with regard to the regulation of the organic structure of the Directorate-General for Administration and Finance. With it, it is intended to ensure an adequate and efficient internal structure to ensure access of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Culture to the administration and finance services of the Ministry, which are fundamental for this government body achieve its objective of ensuring access and success at the highest level of education for all on an equal footing by defining its structure and clearly determining the respective competences of each service and body.